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President’s Speech on the Opening Ceremony of School of International Studies of WMC
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Good afternoon! Dear fellows, students, ladies and gentlemen!

In the pleasing autumn, first of all, on behalf of all the teaching staff and students in Wenzhou Medical College, I am pleased to welcome you to study in Wenzhou Medical College from all over the world. 

Wenzhou Medical College, designated as a key university in Zhejiang, is an institution of higher learning under the leadership of Zhejiang Provincial Government. Its history can be traced back to Zhejiang Specialized Medical School established in Hangzhou in 1912. Now, our college has formed the intellectual education system ranging from bachelor, master to doctorate programs, with nearly 20,000 full time Chinese students and nearly 500 overseas students. WMC is actively committed to international education. So far, international co-operative relationship has been established with 65 overseas universities or institutions from 18 countries. Various co-operative programs, such as student-exchange, scholar-visiting, joint doctorate program, collaborative researches, and so on, are carried out.

On the opening ceremony of overseas students, please allow me, as President of our college and a doctor devoted in medical field for decades, to put forward some advice for you:

Firstly, experience the Chinese culture. China is one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations with more than 5,000 years history but also a modern nation with 30 years of rapid development. Tradition and modernity are mixed here. There are so many traditional cultural heritages such as The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and also modern buildings like Water Cube and 2010 shanghai World Expo. As you are from different parts of the world and enjoy unique cultures, I hope that you take a walk and look around in the coming six years, and get more chances to communicate with Chinese people. Of course, you can never miss the delicious Chinese cuisine. Someday in future, you may open a cultural window for exchanging between your country and China.

Secondly, acquire knowledge and skills. A Chinese proverb says, " Any success depends upon previous preparations". At the new starting line of the college life, please ask yourself a question: Why, what, and how should I study in Wenzhou Medical College? As we know, “no pains no gains”, I hope that you make full use of the rich resources of WMC, work hard for acquiring professional skills to fill yourselves. It is said: the resolute make resolutions once and for all; the irresolute keep having resolutions to recall. So I hope all of you can be the resolute and fulfill your dreams of dedicating yourself to the medical career.

Thirdly and finally, enrich your professional responsibilities. Once you have chosen Wenzhou Medical College, it is mostly possible that you will become doctors, medical scientists, officials of public health and other kinds of heath-related workers in the future. No matter what career you take up, it all requires benevolence, that is, love yourself, love your families, and love people around you. Besides, it requires honesty and responsibility for your career, your life, your patients, colleagues and families. Always be true in word and resolute in deed! I am sure that you will do your best to be trustworthy by your patients and colleagues in the future.

My fellow students, this is a college with good tradition, outstanding and dedicated faculty who are willing to help you achieve your dreams! I look forwards that you make full use of your college time and make a wonderful life in Wenzhou Medical College!

Thank you!

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