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Notice for Makeup Exams at the Beginning of Semester (1) of Academic Year 2017-2018 (Undergraduates)
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Notice for Makeup Exams at the Beginning of Semester (1) of Academic Year 2017-2018 (Undergraduates)

According to the arrangement of the school authority, the sign-up for Semester (1) of Academic Year 2017-2018 makeup exams (including multiple make-ups) will be carried out between September 11th and September 20th, 2017. The sign-up work will be done via internet. The details are given as follows:

1. Internet sign-up time: the sign-up duration for makeup exam is from September 11th and September 20th, 2017. There will be no sign-ups accepted after the deadline. The makeup exams are arranged between September 27th and September 30th, 2017.

2. Method of Sign-up: The exam applicant shall log in our SIS website (, input student ID and password to login to the “Student Personal System”, and then click “make-up application”,please click “sign up” behind the selected subject. If the “status” displays “signed”, that means the application has been accepted. Teaching Affairs Office will notify the application list on the school website. Notification time is September 21st and 22nd, 2017. After publicity the make up application list are not permitted to be changed.

3. Payment Standard: Applicants shall pay 160 RMB for each make-up exam. If the applicant cannot pay off the makeup fees after application, he or she shall be deprived of the chance to take makeup exam this time; if the applicant has paid off the makeup fee but cannot sit in the makeup exam in very exceptional circumstances, the makeup fees will not be returned. After publicity every make up applicants ‘payment amount are not permit to be changed or cancel. And the publicity payment should be pay off before payment deadline.

4. Payment time. Payment for exam applicants starts from September 27th, 2017. Exam applicants have to clear it in the Financial Department on Chashan Campus before the exam.

5. About staying for exams: if the exam applicant has two exams at the same time, he/she can apply for staying for the exam of the second subject before the exam starts. In principle, the Teaching Affairs Office only arranges two subjects for continuing exams. The applicant is not allowed to leave the examination room after the previous exam.

School of International Studies, WMU

July 4th, 2017

Attachment 1:Attachment 1.docMake-up Exam Arrangement for the Beginning of the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2017-2018 (Undergraduates), SIS, WMU

Attachment 2:Attachment 2.docApplication Form for Staying Make-up Exam

Attachment 3:Attachment 3.docApplication Form for apply for Make-up Exam

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