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Notice on Starting the Use of the Digital Leaving School System
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Notice on Starting the Use of the Digital Leaving School System


2011 batch undergraduates, 2014 batch postgraduates, non-degree students (including short-term Chinese language students, Chinese language students from Confucius Institute, long-term students) are supposed to use the Digital Leaving School System for the procedures of leaving school. The relevant information is notified as follows:

一、 系统登录 System Login



The website address of the Digital Leaving School System is Or you can click on the floating icon on the university website homepage


Username is your student ID; Initial password is the last 6 numerals of your passport number.

二、在线办理Online Procedure



After login in the system, students need to process Cancellation of the Library Card. If you don’t owe any book fees, you can directly click on the button


If you still owe some book fees, you should go to the library to finish the formalities. Other procedures should be continued at the relevant department or your school as suggested by the website.

三、打印离校单 Print Out the Form for Leaving School



Students can print out ‘The Form for Leaving School’ after having finished all the formalities (Please click the button

to print out the Form for Leaving School). Students should bring the print-out form to your school to get your graduation certificate.



1. Internet: Students can login the Digital Leaving School System using their computers, mobiles or other devices with internet inside or outside of the campus, to process the ‘cancellation of library card’ and check the suggestions of leaving school procedures.


2. Print out the Form for Leaving School:Students can only print out the form after all the procedures have been done.

3、如遇数字离校系统的相关问题,请及时与网络与信息中心应老师联系,电话:86699251(8251),手机号码: 664531。

3. If you encounter any problems related with this digital system, please contact the Network and Information Center. Telephone: 86699251, Mobile:13676797531.


4. Digital Leaving School System will be open to the international students from June 20 to July 3.


5. Degree certificates and graduation certificates will be issued on June 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Attention: You will not be issued the certificates if you do not submit to us the printout of the Form for Leaving School.



Network and Information Center

School of International Studies


June 15, 2017

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