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Wang wan-tie
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Name:Wang wan-tie Gender:Male

Department:Basic medical college of Wenzhou medical university

Category:tutor of postgraduates(Academical)

Professional title:professor

Admissions professional:Pathology and pathophysiology

The direction of the research:

(1)a series of the research that the mechanism and prevention of organ ischemia-reperfusion injury;

(2)a series of the research that the mechanism and prevention of pulmonary hypertension.

Office phone:0577—86689817


Individual Resume

Wang Wan-tie, male, a professor of pathophysiology, a supervisor ofPh.D.s and postgraduates whose research areas are pathophysiology,respiratory internal medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. He is one of the second levels of training personnel in Zhejiang province "151 Talents Project", one of the first level of training personnel in Wenzhou City "551 Talents Project", an award scientific and technological workers of Wenzhou city,and an outstanding teacher of Wenzhou Medical University. Professor Wang currently serves as the Institute of ischemia reperfusion injury in Wenzhou Medical University’ Chinese director, the director of the research section of Pathophysiology of Basic Medical College, Vice Chairman of the Worldwide United Chinese Medicine Association,executive director of Chinese Association of Pathophysiology,executive director of Chinese Clinical Medical Association,the vice head member of Inflammation and Infection professional Committee of Chinese Association of Pathophysiology , the vice head member of Heating and Low Temperature professional Committee of Chinese Association of Pathophysiology.He is also the Candidate for chairman of Physiological Sciences Union of Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province,and so on.

Over the years, Professor Wang has been engaged in the pathophysiology of teaching, research and clinical work,and declarated and completed the national, provincial, departmental and bureau level more than 50 items, identified 25 tasks, which reached the international advanced level,the domestic leading level and domestic advanced level. He rewarded more than 30science and technology awards, published more than 300 research papers in A variety of magazines at home and abroad, including 10 SCI articles, more than 50 Teaching paper articles,Awarding different level of outstanding papers first, second and third prize more than 20,and compiling 38 pathophysiolopy teaching materials and auxiliary materials.

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