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Zhifeng Huang
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Zhifeng Huang: Male

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Associate Professor

Master’s Supervisor

Major: Biochemistry Research Area: Protein engineering/ Structural Biology


E-mail:cpu_son@163.com; nyuhuang@gmail.com

Homepage: http://yxy.wzmc.edu.cn/eview.jsp?id0=z0hwiyt28l&id1=z0hwlc27vs&id=z0hwkb4xie

Prof. Huang have published more than 10 SCI papers in the past five years.A few of the papers have been published on high quality journal including Nature(IF=42.35)、ACS Chemical Biology (IF=5.36)、Biomaterials (IF=8.31)、PNAS(IF=9.81)、Molecular Neurobiology (IF=5.29) 、Structure (IF=6.79) 、Cell Reports (IF=7.21). In addition, he has obtained 8 authorized Chinese patents in the field. And meanwhile, he has been sponsored by a number of research fundings from the national or provincial sources in the recent years, including 2 grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 1 grant from National natural science Foundation, and 1 grant from Zhejiang provincial innovative team project.

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