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Lifang Zhang
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ame: Lifang Zhang

Title: Professor and PhD supervisor and postgraduate supervisor

Origin: Qingtian County, Zhejiang, P.R.China

Current Position:

Director,Institute of Molecular virology &Immunology;

Director,Director, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Wenzhou Medical


Work: Department of Microbiology & Immunology, School of Basic Medical

Science, Wenzhou Medical University

Recruitment of students specialty: Medical microbiology , Medical immonology

Research Fields: Medical microbiology , Medical immunology

Tel: 86-0577-86689910 (O), 86-577-866889827 (L)

Fax: 86-577-86689700 E-mail: wenzhouzlf@126.com

Professor Zhang graduated from Wenzhou Medical University. She has been engaged in medical microbiology and immunology teaching and research. Her main research direction is the biological mechanisms of tumor-associated pathogens and its vaccine development. Such as to screen the tumor specific target proteins specific affibody molecules and its molecular targeted therapy in vivo and in vitro, the molecular vaccine design, immune protection and serodiagnostic reagents of pathogen microorganism, its etc. Especially, she has a certain academic status and influence in human papillomavirus and associated tumor (cervical cancer)research. The cooperative research results with HPV vaccine inventor Professor Ian.Frazer and Dr. Zhou Jian published in the academic journal Vaccine (Zhang LF*, Zhou J, Chen S, Cai LL, Bao QY, Zheng FY, Lu JQ, Padmanabha J, Hengst K, Malcolm K, Frazer IH. HPV6b L1 virus like particles are potent immunogens without adjuvant in man. Vaccine 2000;18 (11-12):1051-1058), laid the foundation for the success of the HPV vaccine. Her research project was supported by WHO fund, and so far, as a principal Investigator, 6 projects supported by the National Natural Science Fund. As a visiting scientist, she had worked in the Center for Immunology and Cancer Research, Department of Medicine of the University of Queensland in Australia, and also in the HIV & AIDS Malignancy Branch of NCI in national institute of Health(NIH ) of USA. She has received several awards for her research on pathogen and associated vaccine development, such as The Special Government Allowances from People’s Republic of China State Council; WALBOOMS Award from the 18th International Papillomavirus Conference Organizing Committee; Fellowship award from the International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowship (ICRETT) of the UICC, WHO. The Second Prize of the Zhejiang Science and Technology Award from the Zhejiang Province Government as a principal investigator. she also as a committee members of the 24th International Papillomavirus Conference Organizing Committee. In recent years, she as an invited paper reviewer for the Journal of Medical Virology, Viral Immunology and PLOS ONE.

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