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Admission Brochure (Undergraduate)

1.Application Requirement:
① Age:18-30
② Graduated from High School, Scores Meet The Requirements of Admission
③ In Good Health, Abide by Chinese Laws and School ’s Regulations
Note: All medical related majors do not recruit students who are color blindness. Left-hander is not qualified by the BDS program.
2.Application Materials:

① Application form
② Transcript from high school with the official stamp
③ Scan copy of Certificate from high school
④ Scan copy of passport
⑤ Scan copy of English abilities proof
⑥ Digital colored photo in white background (Format: JPG:100-500KB)
3.Tuition Fee:
① Medicine (MBBS, MBBS/Ophthalmology, BDS): 30,000 Yuan per year Pharmacy, Nursing, Laboratory Medicine, Biotechnology: 20,000 Yuan per year
②Registration Fee: 400 Yuan
③Accommodation: 4,000 Yuan per year
④Insurance: 800 Yuan per year
⑤Book fee: According to the marked price of each book
4.Admission Schools:
Wenzhou Medical University offers undergraduate programs using English as the medium of instruction — MBBS, MBBS/Ophthalmology, BDS, Pharmacy, Nursing, Laboratory Medicine, Biotechnology to the overseas students
5.Application time: 1st March to 1st July
6.Opening  time: Autumn
7.The Application  Process
Applicants should send documents to email to wzmczs@126.com for applications. The Teaching Affairs Office will examine the authenticity of all submitted documents. If your documents are qualified, the Teaching Affairs Office will send a pre-admission letter via email to you, then the office will send the Admission Letter and Visa Application Form for Study In China (Form JW202) to the qualified applicants. (Note: The admission standard is receiving the JW202 form).
8.Contact Information
Address: The School of International Studies, Wenzhou Medical University, Chashan Campus, Wenzhou City Postcode:325035
Phone: 0086-577-86699031   86699033    Fax:0086-577-86699031
Email: wzmczs@126.com
Website: http://sis.wmu.edu.cn/

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