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Leisure and Entertainment
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Weekend Theater:

Every Saturday evening at 18:30 in Students’ Activity Center, free entrance.

Every Friday and Saturday evening at 18:00 in Tongde Building (no. 4)

Tickets: 2 Yuan/person (campus card required)

Weekend Ballroom (Dance room):

Every Friday and Saturday evening at 18:30 on the second floor of canteen no.1.

Tickets: 2yuan/person

School Gymnasium:

Open everyday on the first floor in Students’ Activity Center

Payment: 35yuan/20times

Snack Street:

Address: beside the dormitory no.14

Students’ Activity Center:

Outdoor basketball court and indoor badminton court

Large-scale events are usually held on campus in the Students’ Activity Center


Open hours: generally open in the evening. Specific time table would be notified on the door of gymnasium. Fitness card is advised.

Address: Students’ Activity Center on Chashan campus

Sports Centre:

Fengyu Playground, Ping-pong Room, Volleyball Court, Football Ground

Opening hours: generally open for whole day

Internet Surfing:

You have to bring your student’s identity card to China Telecom to open your account. It takes you 150 Yuan for internet surfing for one semester.

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