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International Students Photography Exhibition of School of International Studies, WMU 2016 (2)
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13. 2015.8-Beijing

The depth and complexicity, an exceptional spectacle of colors, hymes, and emotions. The Chinese Opera performer.. Beijing, The Capital.

By Priyanka Gutteea (201530011)

14. 2015.8-The Jade Carving Factory, Beijing

The lucky stone that creates harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

By Priyanka Gutteea (201530011)

15. 2015.9.4-Zhongshan Park, Wenzhou

Discovering this part of the park was an interesting affair. The lights emanating from this temple and the surrounding trees gave it an eerie sensation. The ghostly figure in the front adds to the supernatural element in the picture.

Emmanuel Claude Turkson-Ocran (201101016)

16. 2016.1-NanxiJiang

It is villages that still hold the essence of China. It is the place where we can find the roots from which modern China grew.

By Priyanka Gutteea (201530011)

17. 2014-WMU Opera

By Brett Lyndall Singh (201101117)

18. 2016.4-Wenzhou

By Ayman Ismail (201201015)

19. 2015.6-Wenzhou streets

By Fatema Abdulmajeed Yusuf Alhawaj(201201033)

20. 2015.6-Wenzhou streets

By Fatema Abdulmajeed Yusuf Alhawaj(201201033)

21. 2015.6-Wenzhou streets

By Fatema Abdulmajeed Yusuf Alhawaj(201201033)

22. 2016.2-Nan xi Jiang, Village

An ode to her.. To the beauty she portrays.. an epitome of incandescence. Dont all the wrinkles, the curves of her face play the symphony of life.. what was, was beautiful.. and after so many years what remains is the melodious tone of her voice, the belief that life has been nothing but magnificent.. and eyes still hopeful, beautiful.. just like the soul that resides within. – Priyanka Gutteea

By Priyanka Gutteea(201530011)

23. 2015.7-Wenzhou City

Innocent eyes. Let me love you a little more, before you are not little anymore.

By Priyanka Gutteea(201530011)

24. 2015.4.20-Wenzhou

Oldman still working in this age.Chinese people are very hard working wheather they young or old they will always work hard for living.

By Adheesh Bhandari(201430008)

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