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The Confucius Institute at Burapha University
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The Confucius Institute at Burapha University was established on November 11, 2006. Wenzhou Medical Collegem and Wenzhou University are the Chinese partner institutes.

Brief introduction to Burapha University

Burapha University is a public university located in Bangsaen, Chonburi, about 100 km. from Bangkok, in the Eastern Seaboard Area of Thailand. The campus covers an area of 256 acres. It was first established as the Bangsaen College of Education in 1955-the first tertiary education institution ever established outside of Bangkok- to produce graduates in teacher education. In 1984, when the Prasarnmitr College of Education in Bangkok was upgraded to university level and named Srinakharinwirot University, Bangsaen College of Education was included as a branch campus and started to offer several other degrees besides teacher education. In 1990, due to the need for more college-trained personnel to implementation the Government’s

Eastern Seaboard Development Project to industrialize the area, the Bangsaen Campus was upgraded to full university level and renamed Burapha University, which means "University of the East".

Burapha University has rapidly expanded since then. Enrollment in 2000 was approximately 12,000 students,with over 500 teaching staff and over 300 general staff. There are 15 faculties and colleges: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Nursing, Public Health, Science, Engineering, Fine and Applied Arts, Science and Liberal Arts, Marine Technology, Graduate School, gems College, Maritime College, Graduate School of Commerce, Graduate School of Public Administration, and Sport Science College. In addition, the University also has a number of advanced research and service centers, such as the Library Center, the Institute of Marine Science, the Academic Services Center, the Computer Center, the University Hospital, etc.

Burapha University offers more than fifty programs of study, thirty programs at the Master’s degree level, one Ed.D program, three Ph.D programs, and many short-course training programs per year. More Ph.D programs in many disciplines are being set up and will be offered in the near future.

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