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Rural English Teaching and Multicultural Program in Ruian
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The English teaching program “My Foreign Teachers” started on the 18th of March in Pengbu Cultural Hall, Huling Town, Ruian. Huling Government and SIS volunteers club efficaciously coordinated a multicultural and teaching programme on that day.

Self Introduction of Foreign Teachers

English Class for Starters

English Class for Starters      

The events run once every fortnight and occur to impart, to children in the rural backdrop an opportunity to augment and ameliorate their English through interaction with foreign students. A team of 16 volunteers taught English for an hour with approximately 30 children in each class through fun games, singing and written exercises. Additionally, the children were exposed to disparate cultural customs such as heinna tattoos, African hair braiding and dressing up in different cultural attires.


Group Photo

The programmes are done with the full support of the School of International Studies office, run in order to create an ambiance where there is cultural exchange and unremitting empiricism to ethnic multiplicities and to procure an aesthetic sense to phonetic and written English for the children.

If you want to join this program, and get the chance to communicate with kids, you can contact:
Volunteer Club President

          Name: Mohamed alshaikh           
                          Tel: 15057761338                           
  Wechat Account No.:  m_eshaikh


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