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WMU 2016 Sports Meeting
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From the opening ceremony until the closing ceremony SIS showed teamwork, dedication, commitment, and simple enjoyment of participation. The mornings were cold and one day was also rained on, but SIS ran through it with one hundred percent effort holding nothing back and going for gold in every event. The diversity in both teams was evident with many participants in every event in both genders. At the end of it all SIS placed fourth overall  while getting the sportsmen shield as well along two trophies.

One the first day before the first gun goes off during the opening ceremony we are gathered outside the stadium gate and wearing our national clothing, holding balloons of different countries in our school. We walk by the crows in the stadium and stand on the field and celebrate the beginning of the Sport’s meeting games. Starting off, Nabeel Mohamed scored very strong putting up a first place in the Men’s 110 meter hurdles. On the Women’s side, Tiffonia Benain a second year, qualified for finals and came in at a competitive sixth place knowing next year she will train harder and come out with a medal. The Men’s 100 meter dash had two SIS members in top 10 with Hamad Usmani and Melusi Biyela in sixth and fourth respectively. Melusi was very close to medaling only a fraction of a second off third. Moving over to the throwers, Surya Prakash and Babar Jamshed came in second and sixth respectively in the Men’s Javelin. In Men’s Discus, Wazeem Madathil came in third and Shashwat came in seventh overall. The first day ended with the 100 meter relay and the SIS Men’s relay team came home with the gold medal and the Women put up a fighting run coming in fifth and being one of the fastest Women’s 100 meter relay team this school has seen. The Men’s team was (in order) Brett Singh, Melusi, Hamad, and Raymond Connel. The Women’s team was (in order) Dana, Tiffonia, Janet, and Priyadarshini Balasub.

On day two the medals and points were still coming on both sides. It started with Nabeel coming in third for the 400 meter hurdles race even after having a hard stumble at the last hundred meters. He got back up and pushed hard almost passing second in the process. During the 200 meter race once again both Melusi Biyela and Hamad Usmani qualified for the finals and placed at fifth and third respectively. Moving back into the field events Surya Prakash came back to shotput to get another medal and got the gold throwing over eleven meters. Sindhwani Sagar a first year, came in at sixth behind Surya waiting until next year to train harder and try to medal. On the Women’s side a very strong Mazvita Ushamba came in third in Women’s discus. Earlier that morning was the Women’s shotput with two athletes throwing strongly, with Cerisha Govender coming in nineteenth and Zainab Alhadj in twenty second. The day ended with a very fast and entertaining Men’s 400 meter relay. They got first overall walking away with a gold medal. The team was (in order) Brett, Hamad, Nabeel, and Raymond finishing it off running almost to school record breaking speed.Yasin Sohawon was our heptathlon athlete having events on day one and two and coming in fourth overall giving the Men’s team some points.

On day three there were a few events and the closing ceremony. Mazvita placed fifth in the Women’s Javelin and in pouring rain two runners, Hugh Kazim and Humadi Abdo, took on the 5000 meter run and did not place, but fought the rain and wind and finished the race. The closing ceremony was in the indoor basketball court and medals and trophies were given out to the teams inside that building.


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