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School of International Studies “The 1st International Students Academic Week Activity” comes to a successful end
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To further create a good learning environment for foreign students to study in China, active academic atmosphere, strengthen undergraduate medical knowledge and skills, arouse the enthusiasm for postgraduate research, the School of International Studies hold a week of students’ academic week series of activities. The purpose of these activities was motivating the students to work harder. This academic week carried out the clinical skills competition, graduate student academic forum, medical knowledge contest and a series of cultural activities,

A total of more than 80 students participated during the students’ academic week activity.

Medical knowledge and clinical skills

On December 17th, the Xueyuan Road campus academic hall held the Internship education competition which kicked off the academic week. School of International Studies’ careful preparation and extensive mobilization of Clinical Schools, the students actively participated in enrollment. There were 5 teams in total consisted of 4 students in each team. The teams were from 1st clinical school, 2nd clinical school, and Wenzhou city hospital (3rd clinical school) and 10 postgraduate students participated in the competition. The contest includes medical knowledge questions answers, history writing and clinical skill three parts which displayed the students’ clinical theory, skills, and team work. Foreign Teacher Dr. Numan from School of International studies presided over the game. Five experienced teachers from clinical school served as the Judges during the competition.

The medical knowledge competition divided into two parts, 1) compulsory questions answers and 2) buzzer questions answers. After the fierce competition, the scores were very cloase. The writing medical history, five students trained as a "standard patient" were given to each team for history taking part. After the competition, the judges scored each history and gave marks to students. This gave studnets a great experienced to interact with the patients in real life and how to diagnose and treat them. 

Finally, the students came to clinical skills center for clinical skills competition. The competition consisted of medicine and surgery clinical skills, a total of 5 different stations. Students in accordance with the sequence of prior draw decision performed the clinical skills. The students were full of enthusiasm, and showed a good clinical thinking, skill level and team spirit. After a fierce competition, a team from the second clinical school won the first prize.



Medical Knowledge competition, perceived medical charms

In order to lay a solid foundation for undergraduate students, two medical knowledge contests were held in this academic week. 2013-2015 grade students The A TEAM, Team GLADIATORS, Team THINKERS FREE, Team EINSTEINS LIL, and Team SOCRATES participate in the basic medical knowledge contest. 2011-2012 grade studnets MASTER MINDZ team, BRAINSTORMERS team, VITAL SIGNS team and CODE BLUE team particiapated in the clinical knowledge contest.The contest divided into two parts, 1) compulsory questions answers and 2) buzzer questions answers. The questions were related to Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Diagnostics, Surgery and Family medicine, etc...The whole game atmosphere were lively and active, there were repeated applause for teams and students answer the questions with calm response and battle with each other to win the competition in their unique style.

After 2 hours of competition, EINSTEINS LIL team won the first prize in basic medical knowledge competition. After the game, 2012 grade student Brett expressed his feeling about the competition and said: "I like this kind of competition; it can motivate us to study harder."


Developing research field of vision and promoting academic exchange

Unlike other two fierce competitions, the graduate student's academic forum competition was more academic interaction and communication between teachers and students. Postgraduate students of all levels displayed their achievements or vision for the future of scientific research on the stage. The judges offered their opinions one by one, and made comments and suggestions in order to help the students with their research and a bright future.



On the afternoon of December 19th, the prize ceremony of academic week was held at Xuguang hall. Vice President Cao Jianming gave a speech at the awards ceremony for the academic week. In his speech he congratulated to all the participants who took part in series of activities, he believes that such contest to make the students a good role to complete the transformation, to become a qualified doctor to do the groundwork.

He also encouraged all the students to present this competition as an opportunity to the active spirit into the usual learning practice, strong learning atmosphere, improve their comprehensive quality in an all-round way. At the awards ceremony, the foreign students of the art club of also presented a wonderful performance, bringing the ceremony to a wonderful end.

The academic week activities held fully reflect the strong support for the work of education for the foreign students in our school and attaches great importance on the quality of personnel training. The school will continue to vigorously support the development of education for international students, enhance the level of education and internationalization of our school.


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