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The afternoon of 11th December 2015 was marked by the beginning of a campaign of Oral health awareness for primary school children in Wenzhou. The campaign was organized by Bhikoo Chandradev, postgraduate student majoring in Orthodontics, with the help of Abdool Albashari, under the guidance of Mr Jerry Wang, deputy director of student affairs Office School of international studies of Wenzhou medical University.


The two international students visited Mo Chi Primary School last Friday, where they interacted with around ninety students of grade I. The kids, aged between 6 to 7 years old were very interested and fully attentive in the lecture that was given about oral health and prevention of dental diseases. The Bass tooth brushing technique was emphasized in the beginning of the lecture where the most popular and effective tooth brushing method was elaborated and explained in simple Chinese language. It was then demonstrated using a toothbrush and tooth model. The kids were then asked to show what they learned from the technique taught and they were delighted to brush their teeth in front of the dentists. Questions were raised towards the children about the consequences of not brushing their teeth twice a day and we were quite surprised by the high education level that they already have at this small age.


The second part of the lecture consisted of Pit and fissure sealants, which are usually performed in newly erupted permanent molars, starting from the age of 7, as a measure to prevent tooth decay in kids who eat and drink cariogenous foods and beverages. The steps were shown on the power-point presentation using pictures taken during a dental procedure to reassure the kids that it is a fully painless process, relieving the fear of children towards dental practitioners. It was made sure that all the kids were aware that they should remind their parents that they have to go visit the dentist for pit and fissure sealant procedure next year.


The visit ended with a dental checkup for mostly all of the children who felt dental pain. The dentists were so surprised by how keen the 6 years old were; ready, waiting in a line for a check-up of their dentition.


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