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Intern from Wenzhou Medical University Gave Report in the Annual CDC Meeting
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The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC in Wenzhou)  has organized the annual  meeting  at the CDC  headquarters on November 20, 2015. On this occasion, Hemraj Shibchurn, the foreign student from Wenzhou Medical University and currently an intern at Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU was invited by the director to talk about the current Infectious   Diseases and Public Health of his country– Mauritius and Africa.

With the help of Dr Chen Hao– Director for Overseas Students Department at Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU translating for the audience, Hemraj gave a 2 hours speech, captivating the attention of his listeners with schemas, statistical graph and charts.

For the first part of the presentation he gave brief introduction on the health care system in Marius, which is completely free of charge and emphasize on the current protocol set up by Ministry of Health and Quality of Life in case of  an outbreak of  Chikungunya and Dengue Fever namely: Activation of Emergency Centers, Roles of CDCU, Disease control, Vector Surveillance and Prevention Methods in Mauritius. It is to be pointed out the Island was affected by an epidemic of Chikungunya and Dengue Fever in the 2006 and 2009 respectively and the government has worked on a National Plan for controlling and preventing these mentioned infectious disease.

Hemraj also talked about the current statistics and epidemiological data concerning HIV, Tuberculosis and co- infection incidence the Island of Mauritius. Another segment of his speech gave the CDC members an overview of MALARIA IN AFRICA, where he quoted from The WHO AFRICA that: ‘It is estimated, annually, the disease causes nearly 1 million deaths. In Africa a child dies every 45 seconds of Malaria, the disease accounting for 20% of all childhood death.’ A disease that has been eradicated in Mauritius in the year 1997 but still responsible for 80% of All death in 14 African countries.

The  National Vaccination  Program in Mauritius for both Newborn and elder citizen has drawn the curiosity of many among the audience as the question time was mainly based on how the government provide free vaccination program and way  it is conducted across the Island and the list of vaccine which is compulsory for all newborns.

I would like to thank The Director of CDC Wenzhou and Dr Chen Hao from SAH for giving me this opportunity to talk The Infectious Diseases and Public Health of Mauritius and Africa and I have also learned a lot through this meeting.” Hemraj said.





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