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Our Dream-Our Love-Our World Annual Multicultural Festival Arts Performance and Award Ceremony Held
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On the 21stof May 2015, the School of international studies in conjunction with the arts club successfully hosted the annual multicultural festival arts performance and award ceremony at Tongde square in a bid to showcase the varied cultural background and traditional diversity of the student body of Wenzhou medical university under the theme of OUR DREAM-OUR LOVE-OUR WORLD.

In attendance to witness the grand occasion was the president of the university president Qu Jiu and vice president Li Xiao Kun .Not only were there indigenous high level officials but the festivities were also graced by a delegation from Thomas University in Georgia (USA) namely Mr John Glenn chairman of the university and Dr Gary Bonvillian president of the university and relative staff from different departments of the schools.

The event kicked off with the SIS Aerobics Team showcasing their own superb rendition of the popular “Apple of my eye dance” followed by the much anticipated award ceremony that saw many hardworking, dedicated students receive the fruits of their labors. The awards that were given on the day were namely the 2014 Chinese bridge national Foreigner Chinese competition top 48, the Zhejiang provincial awards, the 2014 Zhejiang Feiyu cup collegiate life science competition, the 2014 new Wenzhou citizens’ singer competition third prize and lastly the new Wenzhou citizen’s speech competition third prize and most eloquent award.

Thereafter the moment everyone had been enthusiastically awaiting had arrived as the art performances commenced. At the outset was the fashion show which created an avenue for both female and male international students to strut on the global stage bedecked in their national attires as they gave the crowd a small depiction of their traditional heritage. This was ensued by an enrapturing solo Bangladesh dance, a colorful highly invigorating modern day Indian dance that left the audience entranced and constantly on the edges of their seats and an African dance “The call of the wild” that exuded both energy and superb dancing dexterity. Not only were there performances to show international culture but there were international students who showcased their love of the newly adapted Chinese culture through dramatization, prose ,singing and dance namely “the Emperors concubine , the Chinese She ethnic Minority performance and a rib cracking puppet show that was done by international students in collaboration with the Chinese arts club and last but not least the Chinese she ethnic song and dance .An essential necessity to living and enjoying your stay in China is to adapt to the culture and learn the language and this was greatly illustrated in the poem recital of a famous Chinese opera extract that was both moving and meticulously done. To close off the immensely compelling showcase was a singing performance by top ten competition winners “Oreo” and finally the uptown funkers with an enthralling action packed hip hop dance that gave the grand occasion the cessation it deserved.

Looking upon the event in retrospect, it is fundamental to call attention to the fact that multicultural was not only a day of grand festivities and an afternoon of cheering on of our peers but it was a day the Wenzhou Medical School at large appreciated the many nationalities and cultural diversity that make up the International body .With the privilege of having witnessed the occasion first hand i can safely declare it as a success that created an opportunity for appreciation of international traditions , cultures and heritages. it goes without saying that the SIS and Arts club did a great job in their continual efforts to unify the international body and disseminate any cultural stigma and ignorance through the annual event.

Speech from President Qu Jia

Award Ceremony


Chinese She Ethnic Minority Dance and Song

African Dance

Fashion show

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