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Notice about Annual Review of Scholarships for International Students of WMU 2022
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In accordance with the relevant requirements of the annual evaluation method for the Chinese Government Scholarships, here is the notice relating to the annual review of Chinese Government Scholarships for the current Academic Year:

(1). Review candidates: CSC scholarship students (both undergraduate and postgraduate)and WMU Scholarship students(only for postgraduate)

(a) Except for the class of 2022 graduates, and students who have already applied for suspension, the rest of the students are required to take part in the scholarship review.

(b) Students who have been disqualified from the assessment of the previous year and who wish to apply for reinstatement of their scholarship must take part in the scholarship review.

(2). Review content:

(a) Conform with the regulations: refers to the students’ compliance with laws and regulations and school discipline, daily performance, etc.

(b) Learning situation: It is divided into academic achievement and study/research attitude. Academic Achievement: An assessment of students’ performance on academic examinations or research projects in each term; Study/research attitudes: including class attendance, performance in class or research, performance of assignments, etc.

(c) Participation in activities: refers to students’participation in various activities and performance.

(3). Review result:

It is divided into qualified and unqualified, 60 points or more than 60 points is qualified. In the case of unqualified students, their scholarship will be suspended or cancelled.

Students who fail to log on to the system for self-review on time will be deemed to have abandoned the scholarship review of the current year, and their scholarship will be suspended or cancelled.

(4). Deadline for submission: April 27, 2022(Wednesday)

(a)CSC scholarship students: Students can log on to the system for the scholarship annual self-review ( First finish the “Chinese government scholarship evaluation questionnaire”. Then complete the self-review information and upload additional materials, and click “Submit”.

(b)WMU Scholarship students:Students should fill out the Form for Annual Review of Wenzhou MedicalUniversity Scholarship Status(Student Self-Assessment) (Attachment 3),then submit the hard copy to your counselor(MissSuzzy) in CHASHAN campus 7A309.

Attachment 1:Annual Review list of Chinese Government Scholarship.xlsx

Attachment 2:Annual Review list of WMU Scholarship.xlsx 

Attachment 3:Annual Review of Wenzhou Medical University Scholarship Status(Student Self-Assessment).docx 

Attachment 4:Chinese Government Scholarships Student end system operation steps.pdf

               School of International Studies

               Wenzhou Medical University

              April 21, 2022

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