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Notice on Applying for Chinese Government Excellent International Students Scholarship in Academic Year 2020-2021
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In accordance with the Notice on Recommending Excellent International Students Selection ( Education Foreign Affairs [2020] No.1117) issued by Education Ministry of China, it is decided to set up Excellent International Students scholarship in Academic Year 2020-2021 by Education Ministry of China. As one of the scholarship distributed University of this scholarship, we hereby set up the Implementation Method of China  Government Excellent Students Scholarship in Wenzhou Medical University in Academic Year 2020-2021, the detailed regulations are as below:

Fixed Quota:

Candidates: Self-funded Undergraduates or Postgraduates students studying in the grade(year) 2 or above (suspended students excluded).

Contents of Scholarship: Undergraduate 18000Yuan/person

Postgraduate 30000Yuan/person

Open Quota:

Candidates: Chinese Government Scholarship students studying in the grade(year) 2 or above (suspended students excluded).

Contents of Scholarship: Honor Certificate

Selection Criteria:

1. The applicant shall comply with the China’s law and regulations and all the regulations of school, study hard and with good result; students on leave cannot be considered for scholarship.

2. Candidates shall pass all the subjects in the 2019-2020 Academic Year, and have not won any other type of scholarship in 2019-2020.

3. Excellent academic performance. Actively participating activities or social practices. Contribute greatly to communicating Chinese traditional culture or strengthening international cultural exchange. Contribute greatly to public welfare.

4. Actively take part in all the activities organized by school and have outstanding performance (with a detail activities list and related certificates).

5. Consideration for scholarship shall be retracted if students have received disciplinary action for the considered school year.

Selection Method

Apply by the student himself/herself and recommended by Student Affairs Office of School of International Studies, the scholarship review committee by SIS shall assess and decide the recommended name list. Candidate list shall be published campus wide before being reported to China Scholarship Council.

Application Material

Applicant shall submit hard or soft copy to your batch counselor before November 5th 2020. Attach with the participated scientific research program, publish articles, honors awarded, campus activities and social activities participated during his/her school time. Written a composition entitled “My Story in China” (titles unlimited) in no less than 800 characters / words. Content should focus on experience and feelings in studying and living in China. Written in Chinese or in English.



Students Affairs Office

School of International Studies



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