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Arrangement of 2019-2020-1 Make Up Exam(Final Edition)
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The Arrangement of 2019-2020-1 makeup exam has been attached. Please clear the makeup fee as the instructions.

Payment time: Payment for exam applicants starts from September 11th, 2019 to September 17th. Exam applicants have to clear it in the Financial Department on Chashan Campus (Applicants shall print out the payment result and bring it to the exam if use Wechat payment method) before his/her first make-up exam. Student is only allowed to sit for the paper when he/she brings the payment receipt to the exams.


Payment Standard: Applicants shall pay 160 RMB for each make-up exam. If the applicant cannot pay off the makeup fees after application, he or she shall be deprived of the chance to take makeup exam this time; if the applicant has paid off the makeup fee but cannot sit in the makeup exam in very exceptional circumstances, the makeup fees will not be returned. After publicity every make up applicants’ payment amount are not permitted to be changed or cancel. And the publicity payment should be pay off before payment deadline.

School of International Studies, WMU

September 10th2019

 2019-2020-1 Arrangement of Makeup Exams(Final Edition)期初补考安排终稿.xlsx


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