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Major & Course

1.Undergraduate Program Using English as the Medium of Instruction
①Bachelor Degree of Clinical Medicine and Surgery(MBBS)
②Bachelor Degree of Dentistry and Surgery(BDS)
③Bachelor Degree of Public Health &Preventive Medicine
④Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy

2.Main courses
①Medicine Public Elementary Courses and Basic Medical Courses
China in Brief , Basic Chemistry, Physics, Medical Ethnics, Organic Chemistry, Psychology, Cell Biology, Systematic anatomy, Topographic Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Biochemistry,Medical Genetics,Medical Microbiology,Medical Immunology,Human Parasitology,Physiology,Pathophysiology,Pharmacology,Molecular Biology,Traditional Chinese Medicine,Acupuncture,Health Statistics,etc.

②Pharmacy Public Courses and Basic Courses
General Chemistry、Medical Physics、Psychology、Organic Chemistry、Analytical Chemistry、Biochemistry、Microbiology and Immunology、Systematic Anatomy、Introduction to Clinical Medicine、Pharmaceutical Botany。Pharmacognostics、Pharmaceutics、Biological Reagents And Pharmacokinetic。Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry、Pharmaceutical Analysis、Medical Statistics、Medical Cell Biology、Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine、Literature Retrieval、Clinical Pharmacology。Drug Research and Development etc.

3.Specialized Courses
Diagnostics,Preventive Medicine,Radiology,Forensic Medicine,Epidemiology,Sectional Anatomy ,Nuclear Medicine,Stomatology,Internal Medicine, Surgery , Pediatrics, Obstetrics and gynecology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Dermatology and Venereology, Otorhinolaryngology, Infectious diseases, Ophthalmology,etc.

Oral anatomy and physiology,Oral pathology,Science of dental materials,Oral radiology,Endodontics,Oral and maxillofacial surgery,Prosthodontics,Orthodontics,Periodontics,Pedodontics, preventive dentistry,Oral mucosal diseases

③Public Health &Preventive Medicine
Anthroponomy、Histology and Embryology、Biochemistry、Physiology、Medical Microbiology、Medical Immunology、Pathological anatomy、Pharmacology、Diagnostics、Internal medicine、Lemology、Statistics、Epidemiology、Occupational health and medicine、Nutrition and food hygiene、Child and Adolescent Health、Social medicine

Pharmaceutical Botany、Pharmaceutical Botany Experiment  、Pharmacognostics  、Pharmacognostics Experiment、Pharmacology、Pharmacology Experiment、Medicinal Chemistry、Medicinal Chemistry Experiment、Pharmaceutics、Pharmaceutics Experiment、Biological Reagents And Pharmacokinetic    、Biological Reagents And Pharmacokinetic Experiment、Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry、Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry Experiment、Pharmaceutical Analysis、Pharmaceutical Analysis  Experiment

4.Joint MBBS/Ophthalmology Program
Qualified third year MBBS students at WMU may apply for admission into the Joint MBBS/Ophthalmology Program. This is a comprehensive program that trains students in general medicine and is designed to prepare students for positions in academic and clinical ophthalmology.
Joint MBBS/Ophthalmology students may apply for Outstanding Ophthalmology Scholarship.


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