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Admission Brochure (Undergraduate)

1.Application Requirement:
① Age: 18-30;
② Graduated from High School, Scores Meet The Requirements of Admission
③ In Good Health, Abide by Chinese Laws and School’s Regulations

2.Application Materials:
① Application form
② Transcript from high school with the official stamp
③ Scan copy of Certificate from high school
④ Scan copy of passport
⑤ Scan copy of English abilities proof

3.Tuition Fee:
① Medicine(MBBS, MBBS/Ophthalmology, BDS):30,000 Yuan per year
Pharmacy:20,000Yuan per year
Public Health &Preventive Medicine:20,000Yuan per year
②Registration Fee: 400 Yuan
③Accommodation: 4,000 Yuan per year
④Insurance:600Yuan per year
⑤Book fee: According to the marked price of each book

4.Admission Schools:
Wenzhou Medical University offers undergraduate programs using English as the medium of instruction —MBBS, MBBS/Ophthalmology, BDS, Pharmacy, Public Health &Preventive Medicine to the overseas students

5.Application time: 1st March to 1st July

6.Opening time: Autumn

7.The Application Process
The required documents in English may be submitted by applicant in person or via email to School of International studies. The Teaching Affairs Office will examine the authenticity of all submitted documents. If your documents are qualified, the Teaching Affairs Office will send a pre-admission letter via email to you, then the office send the Admission Letter and Visa Application Form for Study In China (Form JW202) to the qualified applicants.(Note: The admission standard is receiving the JW202 form)
Note: Left-hander is not qualified by the BDS program.

8.Contact Information
Address:The School of International Studies, Wenzhou Medical University, Chashan Campus, Wenzhou City  Postcode:325035
Phone:0086-577-86699031  86699033   Fax:0086-577-86699031
Email: wzmczs@126.com

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