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Zeya Mountain Hiking
Author:Desire   AddDate:2015-4-30   Hits:1011

Located in a township called Zeya in the west part of Wenzhou, Zeya Scenic Area covers an area of 130 square kilometres. As a picturesque mountainous area, it combines great lakes, splashing waterfalls, limpid ponds, quiet valleys, grotesque rocks with a simple village life. There are more than 200 scenic spots dotting on different mountains. Since the area is endowed with great valleys, it is one of the best places in Wenzhou for rafting. In addition, this area has a long history of paper production, and the local villagers still use the ancient paper-making technology to make paper, which has been passed down since the Song Dynasty.

Zeya Mountain is about 40 minutes drive from Wenzhou Medical University. This amazing trip for over 50 students of the SIS took part in. It was a good moment to tour the beautiful site in the city of Wenzhou and also a good means for getting to know ourselves and strengthen relationships between students. The turn up of students was quite impressive and promising.

It was a 21kilometres walk round the beautiful scenery of the Zeya Mountain, 3 rest Stops where snacks were served. It was a fun filled day and a good break for medical students from an everyday study life, like the saying“ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY” , and the school helps to balance these two aspects of our life with such an adventurous event. Amazingly, one of Wenzhou’s medical students was the first to complete the 21kilometres walk.


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