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Boundless Love of Blood Donation
Author:Sharan Sivnarain   AddDate:2014-11-7   Hits:921

    On Saturday, 18th October 2014, the Yang Leifeng Volunteers Association (YLVA) in conjunction with the Xinglin Youth Volunteer Service successfully hosted the 1st Blood Drive of the academic year. YLVA is the first of its kind Volunteers Associations headed by the foreign student of WMU. As the first initiative of this newly established Associations, the response from all the members of the School of International Studies (SIS) towards the Blood Drive was extremely gratifying.

Blood donations services received more than 20 members of the SIS who donated blood. There were also a number of enthusiastic, potential blood donors whom had to unfortunately be turned away because they were unable to meet the donation criteria. The full physical and blood work up worked to the advantage of these potential donors. It helped to determine the causes for potential diseases and poor health, which these students can now rectify to be in better health. A successful day, made more so by the gracious and unyielding assistance of 25 volunteers from YLVA. All in all it was an exciting and memorable day for many foreigners of WMU.






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