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Zhejiang Goverment Scholarship

Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship Implementations and Criteria for International Students

1. Candidate for Consideration
a. Candidate for consideration of Zhejiang Provincial scholarship must be a full-time international student at Wenzhou Medical University; these include international students currently studying for graduate and undergraduate degrees. Candidate for consideration must have completed at least one term at Wenzhou Medical University.
2. Prize Award and Intended Usage
a. Scholarship award is 20,000 RMB per student per year, and is intended to award students with distinguishable accomplishments. The intended usages for such prize money are toward tuition and fees, medical payments, and or insurance.
3. Eligibility and Condition for Scholarship
a. For candidates of undergraduate studies, students shall possess GED from their respective countries, and must be under 30 years old.
b. Must be foreign nationals in possession of valid passport and healthy.
c. Abide to the social norm of Chinese community, and show affection for its tradition. Full compliance to regulations of Wenzhou Medical University and laws of People’s Republic of China.
d. Show excellence in Chinese language and in possession of supporting evidence such as HSK certificate, or other language certificate.
e. Candidates must have excellent academic standing.
f. Show excellent attitude toward peers and teachers. Actively participate in community and social charity, and actively participate in school related events and competitions.
g. Candidates must be prompt with payment of tuition, fees, and registration.
h. Candidates for consideration of other scholarships funded by the government cannot be considered for Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship.
i. Consideration for scholarship shall be barred if he or she has received disciplinary action for the respective school year.
j. Candidates applying for Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship cannot apply for other scholarships.
4. Application Process for Scholarship
a. Application
i. Application shall be submitted to School of International Studies Student Affairs’ Office promptly before the announced deadline every year.
ii. Application shall be obtained at the same office.
iii. Submission shall include copies of passport, 2” photos, scholarship application, and other related documents.
b. Assessment
i. School of International Studies Student Affairs’ Office shall conduct preliminary review based on document accuracy. After review, applications shall be submitted to Scholarship Review Board in the School of International Studies at Wenzhou Medical University.
c. Evaluation
i. Scholarship finalists are decided by their overall standing and optional interviews may be conducted.
ii. Candidate’s overall standing are assessed according to the following criteria:
1. Academic standing: 80%
2. Academic activities: 20%
a. Competition ranking
b. Attendance
c. Other related activities
d. Publication of name-list of finalists
e. Submission of finalists to the Zhejiang Provincial Ministry of Education
i. The Zhejiang Provincial Ministry of Education shall review, evaluate and award the finalists submitted.
f. Miscellaneous
i. After awarded scholarship, the prize award is retracted in the case where a student violates national laws, causes disorder in the community, quits school and or is subjected to academic expulsion.
ii. The School of International Studies reserves the right to interpret the Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship Implementations and Criteria for International Students in areas of inconsistency or confusion.

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