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  Notice of Application and Assessment for Change of Major into MBBS for 2020 Batch 2021年11月26日  
  Publicity for Withdrawal from School (2021.10.18) 2021年10月18日  
  Announcement of admission list of University award postgraduates in 2021-2022 2021年07月08日  
  Publicity for Withdrawal from School 2021年07月06日  
  Notice on Starting the Use of the Digital Leaving School System 2021年07月01日  
  Announcement of Chinese government scholarship for graduate students in 2021-2022 2021年06月30日  
  Announcement of candidates to be awarded doctoral degree in July 2021 2021年06月29日  
  Publicity for Academic Suspension from School 2021年03月30日  
  Publicity for Academic Suspension from School 2021年03月02日  
  The Notice about the Application for Wenzhou Medical University Excellent Graduate in the year of 2021 2021年02月16日  

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